The Collection

This impressive collection was formed over a period of 30 years by John Williams of Fulham (London). A very private collector, John Williams had never exhibited his material, even at club level. That changed dramatically when he was persuaded to fill the frames for the January 2009 meeting of the Royal Philatelic Society, London, where the dazzling display of Edwardian stamps in their original vibrant colours was greeted with acclamation.

The subsequent report in “The London Philatelist” was full of praise for John’s achievement, recognising both the high level of completeness, and the overall quality of the stamps.

King Edward VII was already 60 years old when he succeeded his mother, Queen Victoria, in January 1901. For the first time ever, the stamps of all those Colonies that utilised the monarch’s portrait had to be replaced.

One of the attractions of collecting Edwardian stamps is that the period is limited to just 10 or so years. Being restricted to a single decade offers new entrants to the field some hope of attaining an unusual level of “completeness”.

Some feature items of the collection:

20/- pale emerald SG D62 (BW #D75), well centred, very lightly mounted, Richter guarantee handstamp, Cat £6500 ($7500; 1999).
‘1D’ on 4d grey & red/yellow with the Surcharge Inverted Barefoot #1a, exceptional freshness & very lightly mounted, Cat £1000 mint. Unlisted by Gibbons. BPA Certificate (1991).
2d brown with No Figures of Value SG 31a marginal example from the top of the sheet, some characteristic rough perfs, full unmounted o.g., Cat £2250. Superb!