Russian Dare Devil


This week I’m so drown into watching this dare devil stunts.  I am so amaze in their talent and the stunts they do are out of this world. Not all of us have guts to do what they do.  For me doing a simple climbing in a tree is already so scary how much more the building or tower that they climbed. These are amazing but should not be duplicated because of the danger that it brings.

Expected Release date for Pokemon Z

Pokémon fans have been anxiously awaiting the October problem of CoroCoro after the last concern exposed the different types of Zygarde.

Would certainly fans gets the “main” announcement of Pokémon Z? Will we get a launch date? Will we figure out what the take care of that “Ash Greninja” is?

Well, the most recent CoroCoro has actually been released in Japan and image leakages have started making their way around the Web and also the details inside could be disappointing if you were trying to find the solution to the inquiries postured above.

Yet, hi, fans will get their hands on some awesome glossy Legendary Pokémon. And that’s something?

Regardless of how you really feel concerning the October concern of CoroCoro, the details inside disclose that the Legendary Pokémon of the X and also Y video games will certainly be dispersed with the premiere of the new Pokémon anime, XY & Z.

According to Serebii, these distributions will certainly run once a week as well as will be acquired by a serial code obtained during the Pokémon XY & Z anime. On Oct. 29, a shiny Xerneas code will certainly be released. It is Degree 100 with the actions Geomancy, Moonblast, Aromatherapy as well as Concentrate Blast.

On Nov. 5, a code for a glossy Yveltal will certainly be dispersed with the actions Oblivion Wing, Fool Hit, Dark Pulse and also Bad deed.

However it’s not simply Xerneas and also Yveltal obtaining distributed. The 3rd week of the Pokémon X, Y & Z anime, the 3rd X and also Y Legendary, Zygarde will be dispersed. That occurs on Nov. 12 with the steps Land’s Wrath, Extreme Rate, Glow & Indignation.

It seems odd that Zygarde is not being dispersed in its glossy kind but probably they are conserving that for another circulation.

Pokémon Z has yet to be officially revealed however all of the indicators indicate a go back to Kalos with Zygarde being the primary emphasis of the story. With the fourth quarter of 2015 coming to a close and also all of the Nintendo vacation launch days validated, it would seem a 2016 launch remains in the cards for Pokémon Z.

With 2016 being the 20-year wedding anniversary of the franchise, there will certainly be plenty of Pokémon video games like Pokken Event, Pokémon Go as well as most likely Pokémon Z.

Burnt – 2015 Movie

Burnt is an American drama movie. Directed by John Wells and written by Steven Knight.  The leading star of this movie Bradley Cooper as Adam Jones. Also in this movie are Sienna Miller as Helene, Omar Sy as Michel, Daniel Bruhl as Tony, Matthew Rhys as Reece, Alicia Vikander as Anne Marie, Uma Thurman as Simone, Emma Thompson as Dr. Rosshilde, Lily James as Sara and Riccardo Scamarcio as Max.

The movie is scheduled to be released on October 23, 2015 by The Weinstein Compan.


PlayStation 4 1 TB Ultimate Player Edition à venir en juillet

Sony est faire ressortir un nouveau modèle de PlayStation 4 qui est plus difficile, beaucoup mieux, beaucoup plus rapide, plus puissant. Ou à tout le moins, la nouvelle PlayStation 4 version est 10 % plus légère et utilise 8 % beaucoup moins puissance par rapport à l’âge 500Go version PlayStation 4 qu’il remplace.

Le tout nouveau 1 to PlayStation 4 se trouve en 2 variations, noir de jais et aussi glacier blanc. Une variation flambant neuve du modèle 500 Go sera de même l’introduction au Japon avant d’être présenté dans le monde, avec l’exacte même légèreté et le rendement de puissance comme la 1 PlayStation de TB 4.

La toute nouvelle PlayStation 4 sera certainement l’introduction du 15 juillet dans ” sélectionner Europe et CHUM aussi zones. ” Il n’y a aucune information de tarif flambant neuf depuis pourtant, avec la PlayStation Post encourageant juste que les clients ” vérifier avec votre vendeur local “..

La seul autre remarquable modification ? Un élément de surface lustrée sur l’ancienne PlayStation 4 est étoffe mat, maintenant il beaucoup plus ” style décontracté. “.

vous souhaitez savoir comment trouver un code gratuit psn pour ps4 1To ?

Sony a également mis à jour son application PlayStation pour veiller à ce que les joueurs pourraient maintenant aller dans comme racheter PSN codes promotionnels et les cartes-cadeaux sans allumer/éteindre leur PS4. En outre, les joueurs pouvaient parler présente maintenant de leur téléphone ou tablette informatique tout en émettant de leur console.

Certainement, Microsoft a dévoilé leur version Xbox un 1To avant l’E3 même commencé. Le plus gros mais aussi beaucoup plus facile à DLC 1 TB une Xbox a été disponible depuis le 16 juin. Exactement ce qu’il reste est nouveau au sujet, 1 TB Xbox de Microsoft One ? Pourquoi, qui exact même revêtement mat décontracté, bien sûr. Et simplement pour le plaisir, 1 TB Xbox de Microsoft One inclut un contrôleur sans fil un de création récente Xbox avec une prise casque stéréo 3,5 mm.

Microsoft a également réduit le coût de 500 GB Xbox 1 à 349 $–en permanence. Cela pose la question de si oui ou non, Sony gardera leur étiquette de prix de 399 $ 500 GB Playstation 4.

Délivrance des versions avec zone de stockage encore plus pour les voyageurs est un geste de bienvenue pour les joueurs qui préfèrent télécharger leurs jeux sous forme électronique, qui ont l’intention sur la lecture avec la bibliothèque de titres intemporels facilement accessibles sur les deux systèmes, et que télécharger beaucoup de DLC, un marché de plus en plus beaucoup plus rémunérateur.

Malheureusement, nous n’avons aucune nouvelle date de sortie du modèle 1 to PlayStation 4 pour le marché américain N. surtout.

A City in Your Phone? Play SimCity Buildit

EA continues to amaze the gaming community. In its last release, the former game that everybody loved only available in the PC is now available in the mobile platform. At first, I was very skeptical about the game and how it would run on my slow processing android phone. You see, I am very much aware of SimCity and I have played it for a long time. This simulation game was actually one of my favorite because it puts you in the role of being the head of a City, taking charge of the needs of your Sims and making sure that they will enjoy their stay in your city.

My first concern was the graphic and processing requirement that the game would require. If you remember the older versions of the game which was only available in PC, it required so much processing and graphic power. To my surprise, it actually did well when I started to play it on my Android phone. Although on my first few hours of gameplay, I experienced a few game crash. Probably it was because my phone’s was full apps. So a removed a few applications and started my simcity game again. And yes, it no longer crashed.

On the download page of google play, I noticed some complaints. One of them is the very long period of waiting to produce building materials. This however, I think just requires smarter strategy.

Here is my humble opinion. When you first start the game, you will easily be tempted to add so many residential lots. Population growth is the very first concern when you start the game and if you are used to the old game, add only a few lots for sim house is not normal because the old game had a very wide space for you to build your city. So you put up so many residential but your money will quickly run out because you will have to add more power supply and water supply. But comes a new problem. When you population grows, you will suddenly be promoted that your sims need fire protection or sewage lines. And with your simoleons very low, you will be forced to upgrade your residential houses which again requires some building materials. It’s ok if its only steel or wood because the building time is just a few minutes but when it requires the other higher materials, you will have to wait a little longer. And with unhappy sims, your population will quickly go down.


This is probably why many would look for a simcity buildit cheat tool so they can use it to add more money and simcash. It is some sort of a game trick or game mod as others would call it but I have not resorted to that kind of action yet. Although it is very tempting to use because of the very high level gamers I see in youtube.

So you see, it is a matter of proper game plan. You have to have the necessary saving so that when the need arises, you have enough money to buy the needed utility for your sims.

This game is very fun and addictive. I have already spend a good and substantial amount of time playing it and I must say that EA has certainly done a great job in developing this game and introducing it to the iOS and Android platform. Plus it is a freemium game meaning you can download it for free and immediately start playing. It is the in game purchases that are a big high and costly but if you have a great game plan, you probably won’t feel the need to purchase any simcash.

So if you love simulation game, give this one a try.